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We can help you with all your swimming pool needs.

Our trained service professionals provide excellent services to maintain a clean and healthy pool all season long. Caring for pools is what we do best and it is our job to let you reclaim the joy and relaxation that comes with owning a pool.

  • Pool Openings and Closings: We provide openings and closings for all in ground swimming pools. During our opening visit, we remove, clean, and store your winter cover, install handrails and ladders, inspect and start-up equipment. During our closing visit, we add winterizing chemicals, cover pool with customers cover, and clear out all equipment to be shut down for the season.
  • Acid Washing Services: Stains on the surface of your pool can form from algae, minerals, chemicals, or dirt. Acid washing is a great way to remove these stains and start with a clean surface at the beginning of the season.
  • Maintenance: Let us take the stress out of maintaining your pool. During our visits, we perform a thorough water analysis and add necessary chemicals to ensure proper water balance. We vacuum pool and remove any debris from the circulation system as well as clean filters to keep your pool running in peak efficiency. [weekly, biweekly, winter maintenance, vacation service, or one time cleanings]
  • Equipment Repair and Install: We work with many models of equipment. Heaters, filter systems, automatic cleaners, and pumps.
  • Safety Covers: Protect your pool throughout the winter. We offer a wide selection of Loop Loc winter covers.

Did you know?

  1. If all pool pumps sold in the US were ENERGY STAR certified, we could save about $155 MILLION and preview 2.5 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, every year.
  2. ENERGY STAR pool pumps use 70% LESS ENERGY, saving $280-$340 a year in energy costs.
  3. Conventional pool pumps use the same pump speed regardless of the task, wasting energy. ENERGY STAR certified pool pumps can RUN AT LOWER SPEEDS for filtration and then ramp up for other tests.

Learn more at evergystar.gov

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