Our system is a scientifically based water processing configuration that also conserves the water it is treating. Our recycling process has been designed to remove excessive levels of Calcium Hardness, TDS, CYA and other impurities that contribute to the hard scale on pool tile and interior surfaces, harms expensive pool equipment, the deck and tile grout.
Why should I drain and refill my pool...the water looks great:

There are a few factors associated with swimming pool water that determine the life expectancy of your swimming pool, pool tile, and its interior surface. Oddly, what you don’t see in your pool water affects its longevity the most. Here are some examples of non-visible threats. 

  • Disruption in Water Balance
  • Turbid swimming pool water
  • Evaporation and bathing use contamination
  • Microscopic Algae formations
  • High levels of Calcium Hardness (CaCO3)
  • High levels of Dissolved Minerals and Ionized Metals 
  • All of the above items complicate the proper care of a swimming pool.
Having trouble with high CYA levels?
High Cyanuric Acid levels inhibit the effectiveness of your chlorine allowing algae and bacteria to form. Until now, the only way to lower CYA was to drain and refill your pool. 

This pool water renewal process filters all pool water contaminants including Cyanuric Acid (CYA) and restores it to its elemental purified (H2O) condition. This process also has the ability to remove scale and staining on your pool's plaster surface.

Since I can’t see the Hardness Levels in my swimming pool… what do they do?
The Calcium Hardness Levels in your swimming pool water affect your swimming pleasure and can cause:

  • Turbidity
  • Extreme dry skin
  • Hard to manage hair
  • Sever burning of children’s eyes
  • Expensive damage to the pool’s interior surface 
  • Everyday that the Calcium Hardness Levels are too high in your swimming pool water, your pool tile, and the pool’s interior surface are at risk. Unfortunately, if the Calcium Hardness level is too high the only solution is to drain some or all of the water from the pool and replace it with fresh water, or you can recycle the water through a filtration system, which will take all of these high levels out of the water.
If what you say is true, what am I supposed to do about the Calcium Hardness Levels?
Until recently, the only way to partially reduce High Calcium Hardness Levels in your swimming pool was to drain it. But today, there is Pool Water Purification.

How does Pool Water Purification work? The Pool Water Purification System is a totally mobile, self-contained unit that generates its own electrical energy to drive two large electric pumps. These pumps serve thirteen large filter membranes that can filter the contaminate from your swimming pool water. This entire process is completed with less than a twenty percent (20%) loss of processed water. As a result, all unwanted contaminate can be reduced to acceptable levels. Creating healthy pool water thru Pool Water Purification will assist in the conservation of water, which is good for the environment. We can enthusiastically say we will save you money on your water bill. Besides Calcium Hardness reduction, what are the other advantages to having Pool Water Purification System for my swimming pool water? Here are a few:

  • Water Conservation
  • Cleaner and Clearer Water
  • Cleaner Tile
  • Renewed Look to the pool's interior finish
  • Healthier Swimming Environment
  • Lower maintenance and chemical costs
  • Healthier Skin and Hair