Energy Efficient Equipment
Remarkably Lower Operating Costs of your Swimming Pool with Energy Efficient Equipment. Pools Unlimited is your Premier Installer for all your pool equipment with over 40 years of experience as well as a Certified Warranty Center.
Polaris Booster
Polaris PB4SQ Booster Pump
The PB4SQ is an energy-efficient, multistage booster pump that operates quietly and is easy to install and service. It has been designed to provide optimum power to Polaris pressure cleaners. LEARN MORE 
Intelliflo3 VSF Pool Pump
The IntelliFlo3 VSF pump sets the new bar for performance with built-in sensorless flow control for effortless optimum flow, and aids in keeping the pool crystal clear and inviting, no matter what it requires. The IntelliFlo VSF3 pump adjusts flow throughout the cycle to minimize energy use. This results in increased energy savings over conventional single- or two-speed pumps, up to 90%. LEARN MORE

SuperFlo VS Pump
Superflo VS Pump
The SuperFlo VS pump features variable speed technology, which dramatically reduces energy costs by moving water more efficiently at lower speeds. You can save as much as 80%---up to $1,300 each year---compared to conventional, single-speed pumps. LEARN MORE 

SuperFlo VS Pump
WhisperFlo VS Pool Pump
The WhisperFlo® VST Variable Speed Pool Pump is available now to keep pools running smoothly. This durable pump offers more power than SuperFlo® VST Pool Pump. And your energy bill will appreciate the upgrade, too. LEARN MORE 

ETi® 400 High-efficiency Pool & Spa Heater
When you want quality, strength and durability, you want the corrosion resistance of titanium. The ETi 400 is the world's first heater with the TitanToughâ„¢ direct-fire pure titanium heat exchanger for long-lasting, thermal and energy-efficient heat. LEARN MORE 

Ultratemp High Performance Heat Pump
Heat your pool with an environmentally friendly heat pump. Pentair's UltraTemp heat pump uses an ozone-friendly refrigerant and has a 100% pure titanium heat exchanger that assures corrosion-free performance for extra-long life.