Pool Services Overview

Your backyard is your sanctuary from the stresses and anxieties of modern urban living. Through our premium, “no hassle”, approach to service and maintenance; we can help you protect the serenity of your backyard oasis. Our complete suite of pool services will help reduce the stress of owning a pool and extend the life of your investment. We invite you to ask questions, because we think an informed customer is a satisfied customer!


ServiceService Details
Pool maintenance
Rinse/replace filters, vacuum, test/adjust water chemistry, visual inspection.

Filter replacement
Replace Pool filter(s)

Pool closings

Visual Inspection of functions. 
Drain water (if needed)
Remove water from the pipes to prevent expansion breaks due to Ice.
Dismantle components as necessary.
Utilize anti-freeze to protect pipes. (if contractor deems it necessary) 
Installation of winter cover or Safety Covers

Pool openings

Cover removal, 
Reassembly of parts and components that were disassembled during winterizing

Salt system service
Diagnose, repair or replace salt water sanitation systems

Equipment & Parts Services Overview

ServiceService Details
Replace or Repair Pool pumps that are deemed "worth repairing"
Specializing in Variable Speed Pumps.

Pool sanitation retrofit
Retrofitting Pool to accept new sanitation technologies, Ozone generators, salt systems, UV systems, Ionizers.

Light services
Diagnose, repair, replace or retrofit light systems.

Repair/replace and reconfiguration of Pool plumbing systems, components and plumbing parts.

Parts replacement
Inspect, diagnose , identify, source and replace pool parts.

Heating system service
Diagnose, repair, replace or retrofit heating system and components.

General Services Overview

ServiceService Details
Pool School
Are you a new pool owner? Looking to expand your knowledge of your pool equipment? Let Pools Unlimited help! With our Pool School service, we come out to your pool for one hour and discuss your equipment, how it works, and answer any questions you may have. We know every pool is different so learning about your system will make caring for your pool a breeze.

Pool covers
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Measuring, sourcing and installing Pool covers.

Leak detection and repair
Locating/diagnosing  and repairing leaks in equipment and/or plumbing.