Dear Kenny and the staff of Pools Unlimited, Inc.,

When we decided to renovate our pool in West Friendship, we knew we had to find the right company and the right people to work with. The pool was over 20 years old and needed new plaster, new tile, new coping and new equipment, including a new heater; we basically needed a whole new pool!

We started researching and interviewing several companies, and then we met Kenny. Kenny had a challenging job ahead of him. He had to convince us that he was the guy for the job. He did. We were impressed with his knowledge, his patience in answering the millions of questions we had and his willingness to come to an agreement on a price that worked for both of us. One more factor that convinced us was that Pools Unlimited, Inc. is a local company, and one that we had done business with when we first moved to the area. They had already been helpful in answering questions, testing the water and making suggestions for improvements, so we knew they would be there for us as future support.

The crew worked long hours and worked very efficiently. We had a beautiful, fully functioning pool in early April! We were actually able to have a pool party in mid-April, and my grandson had a ball in our new gorgeous pool!!! Seeing him so happy made my heart sing, and I know that Kenny and his crew deserve all the thanks for that.

We are grateful and completely convinced that we made the perfect choice by having Pools Unlimited, Inc. reinvent our pool. We do, and will continue to, recommend them unconditionally to all of our friends!

From beyond-satisfied clients, Sarah, Harry and Andrew

Sarah, Harry and Andrew

Have used their services for years, and they are terrific. They service pools sell equipment, supplies, and chemicals. They will also analyze your pool water; just bring in a sample


Patrick and Alex provide great service. Wes does a really good job too. Trust these guys. Many pool companies in this county and neighboring ones..these guys are the best. Bought new pump this year works great.


Pools Unlimited provided exceptional service for a seller going to closing in 2 days! Mr. Kane received the call for service and the next day was on site.and on time! He diagnosed and had materials on hand to replace what was needed. Mr. Kane was knowledgeable, fair, and understanding. He provided the owner the confidence and integrity in presenting her home to the new buyers. Thank you !


Very knowledgeable and helpful. If they dont have what I need in stock, they'll get it in for me. Love this place.


I have been around the block with pool service companies. Thankfully, I finally found Pools Unlimited. Every employee know what they are talking about. They actually know chemistry. There testing is accurate and their advise on which products to use are spot on. My pool stays crystal clear all summer. Now a bit on their opening and closing service. They too are excellent and efficient. They show up on time and everything goes smoothly. They advised me to open early (yes early April) and close late. By opening early and having a mesh cover, I need way less shock and I saved a few hundred dollars (44,000 gallon pool). You could not get a better pool company and I know since I tried and failed with at least 6 others